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  1. What kind of communities do you have here?

    The following four communities are what EL Korean offers.

    You are welcome to join community activities and engage with teachers outside of class hours.

    <Ask anything>


    <Enjoy and Learn Korean.>

    <Learn with K-Pop

    <Join greeting>

    <Useful Korean expressions>

    <Cheering to each other>

    <Korean class reviews>

  2. What community is 'Ask Anything'?

    You can ask for proofreading support from Korean teachers after posting written texts in Korean. This helps you exchange ideas on grammar, words and so on with teachers and other members.
  3. What community is 'TOPIK'?

    TOPIK stands for Test of Proficency in Korean. TOPIK is a Korean language proficiency test for foreigners.
    You can practice reading and listening questions of TOPIK I and TOPIK II in this TOPIK community. Of course, you can ask Korean teachers and exchange views with other members.
  4. What community is 'Enjoy and Learn Korean.'?

    This community is where the sharing of experiences and feelings during Korean learning takes place. Language learning is never an easy job. How others feel and think about their learning can help you.
  5. What community is 'Learn with K-Pop'?

    Many begin to learn Korean as they encounter K-pop. This is because K-pop lyrics contain great expressions and words. These expressions and words help you learn Korean. In this community, you will study not only K-pop, but also expressions and words from Korean dramas and movies.
  6. How do I make my community activities visible or invisible on my Facebook?

    When you post to the community, you can choose to or not to post on your Facebook.
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