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  1. What will be the tuition fee if I stop the current package class or change the teacher?

    Upon your request to withdraw or change an ongoing class, the calculation on tuition will be based on one class out of a five-session package; The refund will exclude the fee from the completed class and give back to you. In other words, a discount based on the student population in the class will not apply to any package larger than this. At the teacher's request to withdraw or change the schedule, the package price will be refunded after excluding the discounted package price. If it is too difficult to settle, please contact EL KOREAN support center -
  2. Am I eligible for a class refund if it stops, although with some progress already made?

    Yes, you can get a refund.

    1. If you let the teacher know you want to stop the class package 24 hours before the next scheduled class, you can cancel the whole class package including the next scheduled class.

    2. If you let the teacher know you want to stop the class package 24 after the next scheduled class or during the class, you can cancel the whole class package besides that class.
    For example, your class package is 10-time classes, you attended two times of the class. If you let the teacher know you want to stop the remaining classed 24 hours after the third class starts, or during the third class, it is assumed that seven classes remain. 7 tuition fees will be refunded.
    In this case, we do not apply the discount according to the number of classes and the number of students, but calculate the tuition fee and refund the remaining tuition fee. If the calculated tuition exceeds the tuition already paid, no tuition will be refunded.
    If the tuition you have already paid is more than 10 times the class package and the number of students is 1: 2 or 1: 3, the tuition fee is based on the number of times and the number of students.
    For example, if ‘Tuition/session’ of the teacher is $30, when you pay and the class package is 10-time with 1:3, the tuition is $598.50 with the discount. This price is the price you have already paid. If the discount is not applied at this price, the price will be $900 ($30X10X3).
    If during the third lesson your class request is canceled due to your request and you request a refund, your refund will be $328.50 (= 598.50-(900/10X3)).
    If during the 7th class, you request a break in the class package and a refund, your refund will be $-31.50 (= 598.50-(900/10X7)). At this time, a negative number appears and the refund amount is assumed to be zero.

    3. If the teacher asks you to stop the class package during the class, the fee of that class will be included in the refund calculation.
    For example, if the teacher asks you to stop the class package during three out of 10 class sessions, you will receive the refund for the remaining 8 classes.
    In this case, we apply the discount according to the number of classes and the number of students, calculate the tuition fee and refund the remaining tuition fee.
    If the class package is interrupted at the request of the teacher during the third class, the amount of your refund will be $478.8(= 598.50-(598.50/10)X2).

    4. In the case of 1: 2 or 1: 3 classes, if several students are learning together with you and some student want to stop the class and get a refund, you must cancel the whole class package, and the students who want to continue will have to apply for a new class again. The refund method is the same as described above.

  3. Can I privately pay my teacher for tuition?

    EL KOREAN prohibits you from paying teachers privately in person; Private paying is not our policy. First, personal remittance is not safe. A mistake in payment delivery is more likely to be a financial loss to you. Second, the dispute between you and the teacher is more likely to arise. Both sides must be trusted. It is difficult to create links where disputes can occur. Third, this is against EL KOREAN's business model and violates the contract between the teacher and EL KOREAN. Any offer of personal payment must be reported to the EL KOREAN support center - There will be compensation on the report.
  4. What is Bonus Point?

    Bonus Point is available for tuition. The value of One Bonus Point equals US$1. Bonus Point comes across as a reward for EL KOREAN's active engagement.

  5. If I deactivate my account, can the remaining tuition be refunded?

    Any left untouched tuition can be refunded except bonus point, which you have and which you used. For example, suppose there are $300 and 100 bonus points. You used 50 bonus points before.The refunds of $250 will be made by deducting 50 bonus points from $300; Whereas the amount of bonus point is not eligible for refund. Any extra expense will be your responsibility.
  6. How do I pay the tuition fee?

    They can be paid by PayPal, Wechat Pay and credit cards in the mobile app or web. At the time of purchase, an extra payment occurs.

    If these payment methods are not available, it is also possible to transfer tuition fees directly to EL KOREAN's bank account.

  7. Are there minimum or maximum values to be paid?

    No. There is no minimum or maximum value. Bonus Point will be awarded according to the size of the US$ paid for the gift.
  8. What happens if the paid value does not appear on 'My page'?

    There can be several reasons for this. Please send your e-mail to the EL KOREAN support center -
  9. How much is One Bonus Point?

    1 Bonus Point equals 1 US$. Bonus Point will be given as a bonus award for EL KOREAN's active engagement. This can be used as a payment for tuition, such as paid US$. Bonus Point cannot be gifted to others and will not be refunded upon deactivation.
  10. How do I get Bonus Point?

    Bonus Point can be given by:

    1. Bonus Point will be awarded by the paid US$ for the gift. For example, if you pay 20 US$ for the gift, Bonus Point will not be given. If you pay 500 US$ there are 20 bonus points. More paid US$ come with more Bonus Point. 

    2. After the newly registered student has taken his or her recommended class; Five percent of the amount of US$ paid for tuition will be credited. Assume that the recommended student uses a total amount of US$ 300 for a tuition fee; 200 US$ plus 100 bonus points. 5 percent of the 200 US$ will be given to you instead of 5 percent of the 300 total. 

    3. Bonus Point will be awarded to those who actively engage in community activities. The selection will be determined by each case.

  11. Can Bonus Point be gifted to friends?

    No. Only paid US$ for the gift can be given to your friends. The recipient of US$ will be deposited as US$ which can be used as a payment method for tuition.
  12. Will my unused payments (US$) and Bonus Points (US$) expire?

    Yes. If you don't use the amount of money you paid for the purchase, it will expire in five years.

    Bonus Points are valid for one month from the date of acquisition.

  13. Is this mobile app compatible for both Android and iOS?

    Yes. From either Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search EL KOREAN and download.
  14. Is there a way to see the speed of the network for a stable connection?

    Voice calls require about 10 bps, and images require data rates of about 500 kbps. A simple way to check is to run a video like YouTube or Weibo. If the screen is displayed normally, it is possible to use video communication software such as Skype, Zoom or WeChat. It's also a good idea to install software on your desktop or mobile device to verify network speed. Before video class, be sure to check the network speed and start the class at a steady speed.
  15. Mobile app or PC web, what would you recommend?

    EL KOREAN supports its app to be used on both mobile and desktop devices. Mobile devices can be used anywhere at any time; So teacher and student can use. But if the textbook to show on the screen on your device is used, a large-screen PC would be better.
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