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  1. What happens if the screen freezes or the voice doesn't play well?

    Most of these problems are caused by slow speed. Voice call requires a data rate of about 10 kbps, and images do about 500 kbps. While most networks support this rate, ensure a steady speed. It's instructive to stop other online work during our class. If the class must be conducted under the above-mentioned circumstances, it can proceed in a voice-only style without screen display; However, it was not recommended. Set a steady speed and take the class when ready.
  2. What happens to my tuition if an urgent matter stops me in the middle of class?

    In this case, payment is required as teacher time has already been spent.
  3. What happens to my tuition if an urgent matter stops the teacher in the middle of class?

    In this case, rescheduling will take place at another time. Tuition will therefore be retained.
  4. Can I record the contents during class?

    Skype does not have a recording function. It's your sole responsibility to prepare the recording. What comes first is the teacher's portrait right in the recording. Make sure to have consent with your teacher.
  5. What if I want to quit the ongoing package and jump onto another package?

    Consultation with the current teacher must be done initially. By agreement, another package can be selected once the ongoing package is stopped on the app or web. The remaining tuition will be calculated and refunded without a discount according to the student population in the class.
  6. What if I want to change a teacher while continuing the ongoing package classes?

    Consultation with the teacher must follow. The remaining tuition will be calculated and refunded without a student discount and class number left. Use the mobile app or web to re-select the teacher for the package class. The content can be discussed with the new teacher; But you can't continue by taking over the previous class. For example, assume the first two sessions out of the five-session package have been taken, then it is not allowed to start from the third and must start from the first with another teacher.

  7. Will the remaining classes of the package disappear after a certain period of time?

    Please consult with the teacher for the remaining classes. Tuition for the remaining classes will be refunded without applying the package discount if the class is withdrawn. The remaining tuition will expire a year after the last class.
  8. What must be done right after class?

    As soon as the class is done, you'll see the screen to rate in terms of satisfaction, punctuality and will be given a chance to write your opinion. We'd like to garner your unedited thoughts. The uncensored thoughts would help others in class selection.
  9. How do I leave a class assessment?

    When the class is finished, you will see a screen where you can rate the class on the teacher's punctuality, your class satisfaction and being able to leave short comments. If you miss the opportunity to do this, you'll be able to complete the above jobs from 'Class History' on your 'My Page' later.
  10. What kind of communities do you have here?

    The following four communities are what EL Korean offers.

    You are welcome to join community activities and engage with teachers outside of class hours.

    <Ask anything>


    <Enjoy and Learn Korean.>

    <Learn with K-Pop

    <Join greeting>

    <Useful Korean expressions>

    <Cheering to each other>

    <Korean class reviews>

  11. What community is 'Ask Anything'?

    You can ask for proofreading support from Korean teachers after posting written texts in Korean. This helps you exchange ideas on grammar, words and so on with teachers and other members.
  12. What community is 'TOPIK'?

    TOPIK stands for Test of Proficency in Korean. TOPIK is a Korean language proficiency test for foreigners.
    You can practice reading and listening questions of TOPIK I and TOPIK II in this TOPIK community. Of course, you can ask Korean teachers and exchange views with other members.
  13. What community is 'Enjoy and Learn Korean.'?

    This community is where the sharing of experiences and feelings during Korean learning takes place. Language learning is never an easy job. How others feel and think about their learning can help you.
  14. What community is 'Learn with K-Pop'?

    Many begin to learn Korean as they encounter K-pop. This is because K-pop lyrics contain great expressions and words. These expressions and words help you learn Korean. In this community, you will study not only K-pop, but also expressions and words from Korean dramas and movies.
  15. How do I make my community activities visible or invisible on my Facebook?

    When you post to the community, you can choose to or not to post on your Facebook.
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