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EL KOREAN Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") strictly complies with established guidelines such as "Personal Information Protection ACT", "The Protection of Communication Secrets Act", "Telecommunication Business Act" and the "Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act". 

The company explains how user-provided personal details are handled on what purpose and method, and actions taken for privacy protection, below.

1. Purpose of use

The company collects personal details for the following reasons:

- Fulfillment of contract, payment settlement by providing contents, purchase and payment, authentication, delivery of goods or billing, etc.

- Authentication for membership service, personal identification, prevention of illegal use by unauthorized user, intention to join, age verification, complaint handling, announcement, etc.

- Acquisition of new services, development and specialization of products, commercial message notices, promotion of their products and services in other business units, customized services with demographic characteristics, frequency of access or statistics on service use.

- Limited numbers allowed for registration, illegal access blocked by IP analysis, GPS-based service, record-keeping for adjustment, and calculation of other statistical data for members.

2. Required details

- Must submit: Name, gender, DOB, ID, password, email address, mobile phone number, details of legal representative if under 14, payment information, IP address, access log and history of service use.

- Optional: GPS information, contact number, photo, etc.

- Methods of collection: Web site registration, e-mail, fax, call or other forms, etc.

- The method of collecting personal details by the company can be rejected; This can lead to registration denial and restriction of membership service use.

3. Process and hold length

- Categories to hold: Same as processed.

- Reasons to hold: Terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

- Length of holding: Until membership is available.

In case the personal details required to be held in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations after the membership withdrawal, the company maintains for a certain period of time below.

- Record of indication and advertisement: six months (Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce, etc.).

- Record of contract or withdrawal of subscription: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce, etc.).

- Record of payment and supply of goods: five years (Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce, etc.).

- Record of dissatisfaction or consumer dispute: three years (Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce, etc.).

- Records on the collection, processing and use of credit information: three years (Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information).

- Confirmation of communications under the Communications Confidentiality Protection Act: 3 months.

4. Personal details are delivered to third parties

In principle, the information won't be transmitted to any party from outside, except as follows:

- If consented in advance.

- When requested by the official authorities, procedures and methods of investigation are followed.

5. Rights of users and their legal representatives and their exercise

The user has the right to view or amend his/her own information at any time and is able to request termination by writing a letter, phone call or email. If a request for error-fixing in personal information is made, the company will not use or provide until the correction is completed. The company may limit its correction if misuse is expected.

6. Destruction of personal details

If the holding period expires, the company will destroy any unnecessary ones such as the process of personal information, service shutdown and termination of business within five days. If required by the relevant laws and regulations, the information will be stored for a certain period of time and deleted immediately thereafter.

7. Installation and operation of an automatic collection device for personal details and its refusal

The company can operate 'cookies' which store and find information from users from time to time. A cookie has the meaning of a text file sent to the user's browser by the server and stored on a hard disk, which helps to run the service. The company uses cookies for the following purposes:

- Purpose of using cookies: To provide customized service and marketing via access frequency, visit time analysis, understanding user preference and tracing interest, participation in various events and number of visits. The installation takes place at his/her own discretion. By setting the options from the web browser, all cookies can be allowed and checked when saved or denied.

- Set to deny cookie:Cookie can be denied by selecting the option from the web browser to accept all, check at the time of saving or deny all.

* If you deny installing cookies, the service you provide can experience difficulties.

8. Privacy Protection Officer

For privacy protection and complaint processing of personal details, the Company appoints the following persons responsible for privacy protection.

- Privacy Protection Officer: Kim, Boon-Hong (

The user may report complaints to the officer or his department regarding privacy protection when using the company's service. A prompt and satisfactory reply will be given in return.

9. Privacy handling office

For any violation of privacy protection or to report, contact the following offices.

- Personal Dispute Mediation Committee (, phone 1336)

- Information Protection Mark Certification Committee (, phone + 822-580-0533~4)

- Advanced Crime Investigation Center (, phone + 822-3480 ~ 2582)

- National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center (, phone + 822-392-0330)

Unless stated explicitly in Privacy policy, our Terms and conditions will take precedence over within the scope related laws and regulations.

- Personal Information Processing Policy announcement date: October 01, 2017

- Personal information processing policy enforcement date: October 01, 2017

If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact us. We always do our best to make you learn Korean with pleasure.



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