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한국식당에서 주문하기(Ordering food in a Korean restaurant)

yun (Teacher)
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There are some useful expressions when you order food in Korea. 

1. Yeo-gi-yo! (여기요!)

You can call a waiter or a waitress when you would like to order something.

(You can simply push the bell button on the table.)

2. E-geo-Ju-Se-Yo (이거 주세요!)

When you get the menu and choose what you want,

You can say, "This one please." In Korean, 이거주세요(E-geo-Ju-Se-Yo)

3. Jal-Muk-Get-Sb-Ni-Da (잘 먹겠습니다!)

When the food is served, you can say "Thank you" in Korean.

Jal-Muk-Get-Sb-Ni-Da means thank you for the food.

Or you can simply say, "감사합니다.(Gam-Sa-Ham-Mi-Da)

4. Gye-San-Hal-GGe-Yo (계산할게요)

You can ask for a bill after the meal.

Gye-San-Hal-GGe-Yo means "Bill, please "

In many cases you should go to the counter for paying the bill.

Why don't you try these expressions when you go to a Korean restaurant?

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프로필 사진

it's so helpful to learn Korean.

프로필 사진



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